Personalized pack desktop

Personalized pack desktop

Customize your desk or work with this pack. Includes a card table and a box to post-it notes where will your favorite photos.

We can put the same photo on the two articles or one for each one. For this you must insert below the two pictures and text paragraph to tell us how you want the organize.

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Pack content

1 x Wooden box for post-it notes

Give a touch of class to your desktop, or from whom you choose, with this stylish wooden box for notes.

It is mahogany and has an aluminum plate personalized with your photo or logo of your company.

It's the gift that we all like to have on your desk or workbench.

1 x Card-table

Put a touch of elegance to your desk or work, or that of whomever you choose,with this beautiful card-table.

It is made of mahogany wood and has an aluminum plate personalized with your photo or logo of your company.

What you can supplement with the box of post-it notes.


They are made of mahogany wood.

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